The Ultimate List of Classic Hollywood Actresses Heights

Classic Hollywood Actresses Heights: Sorted by Tallest to Smallest

Irish McCalla

Irish McCalla (5ft 9")

Kay Kendall

Kay Kendall (5ft 9")

Esther Williams

Esther Williams (5ft 8")

Eve Arden

Eve Arden (5ft 8")

Nina Foch

Nina Foch (5ft 8")

Maureen O'Hara

Maureen O'Hara (5ft 7")

Julie Andrews

Julie Andrews (5ft 7")

Jane Russell

Jane Russell (5ft 7")

Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly (5ft 6")

Doris Day

Doris Day (5ft 6")

Jennifer Jones

Jennifer Jones (5ft 6")

Kim Novak

Kim Novak (5ft 6")

Marsha Hunt

Marsha Hunt (5ft 6")

Rhonda Fleming

Rhonda Fleming (5ft 6")

Rita Hayworth

Rita Hayworth (5ft 6")

Deborah Kerr

Deborah Kerr (5ft 6")

Greer Garson

Greer Garson (5ft 6")

Eleanor Parker

Eleanor Parker (5ft 6")

Gene Tierney

Gene Tierney (5ft 5")

Gloria Grahame

Gloria Grahame (5ft 5")

Jayne Mansfield

Jayne Mansfield (5ft 5")

Ava Gardner

Ava Gardner (5ft 5")

Myrna Loy

Myrna Loy (5ft 5")

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe (5ft 5")

Lizabeth Scott

Lizabeth Scott (5ft 5")

Loretta Young

Loretta Young (5ft 5")

Eleanor Powell

Eleanor Powell (5ft 5")

Jane Wyman

Jane Wyman (5ft 5")

Janet Leigh

Janet Leigh (5ft 5")

Anna May Wong

Anna May Wong (5ft 5")

Dorothy Lamour

Dorothy Lamour (5ft 5")

Dorothy McGuire

Dorothy McGuire (5ft 5")

Lena Horne

Lena Horne (5ft 5")

Shirley MacLaine

Shirley MacLaine (5ft 5")

Virginia Mayo

Virginia Mayo (5ft 5")

Linda Darnell

Linda Darnell (5ft 4")

Jeanne Crain

Jeanne Crain (5ft 4")

Irene Dunne

Irene Dunne (5ft 4")

Jean Simmons

Jean Simmons (5ft 4")

Dolores Del Rio

Dolores Del Rio (5ft 4")

Barbara Stanwyck

Barbara Stanwyck (5ft 4")

Ann Sheridan

Ann Sheridan (5ft 4")

Betty Hutton

Betty Hutton (5ft 4")

Carole Lombard

Carole Lombard (5ft 4")

Joan Crawford

Joan Crawford (5ft 4")

Shelley Winters

Shelley Winters (5ft 4")

Lana Turner

Lana Turner (5ft 3")

Deanna Durbin

Deanna Durbin (5ft 3")

Coleen Gray

Coleen Gray (5ft 3")

Betty Grable

Betty Grable (5ft 3")

Jean Seberg

Jean Seberg (5ft 3")

Jean Arthur

Jean Arthur (5ft 3")

Fay Wray

Fay Wray (5ft 3")

Paulette Goddard

Paulette Goddard (5ft 3")

Shirley Temple

Shirley Temple (5ft 2")

Sylvia Sidney

Sylvia Sidney (5ft 2")

Ruby Keeler

Ruby Keeler (5ft 2")

Joan Blondell

Joan Blondell (5ft 2")

Leslie Caron

Leslie Caron (5ft 2")

Alice Faye

Alice Faye (5ft 2")

Billie Whitelaw

Billie Whitelaw (5ft 2")

Jean Harlow

Jean Harlow (5ft 1")

Teresa Wright

Teresa Wright (5ft 1")

Miriam Hopkins

Miriam Hopkins (5ft 1")

Natalie Wood

Natalie Wood (5ft 1")

Norma Shearer

Norma Shearer (5ft 1")

Thelma Ritter

Thelma Ritter (5ft 1")

Mae West

Mae West (5ft 0")

June Allyson

June Allyson (5ft 0")

Jane Powell

Jane Powell (4ft 11")

Gloria Swanson

Gloria Swanson (4ft 11")

Veronica Lake

Veronica Lake (4ft 11")