What is Romelu Lukaku's Height?

Romelu Lukaku is 6ft 2 ¾" tall

Romelu Lukaku Height

Romelu Lukaku is a 30-year-old Soccer Player from Antwerp, Belgium. We trawled the web to determine that Romelu Lukaku's height is 6ft 2 ¾ (189.9 cm). This makes him 5.7 inches taller than the average male in the United States. Are you looking for more information about Romelu Lukaku and his career? We found resources at uefa.com & fifa.com.

How tall is Romelu Lukaku in ft, meters, cm, mm & inches? 👇

Height Metric Romelu Lukaku Height
Feet 6ft 2 ¾"
Meters 1.90m
CM (Centimeters) 189.9cm
MM (Millimeters) 1899mm
Inches 74.76"

How tall is Romelu Lukaku compared to other Soccer Players?

Item Percent
Ronaldo 5ft 11
Cristiano Ronaldo 6ft 1
Lionel Messi 5ft 6
Neymar 5ft 8
Peter Crouch 6ft 7
Erling Haaland 6ft 4
David Beckham 5ft 11
Harry Kane 6ft 1

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