What Are The Heights of The The Man In The High Castle Cast?

The Man In The High Castle Cast Heights: Sorted by Tallest to Smallest

Carsten Norgaard

Carsten Norgaard (6ft 1")

Luke Kleintank

Luke Kleintank (6ft 0")

Rufus Sewell

Rufus Sewell (6ft 0")

Tate Donovan

Tate Donovan (5ft 11")

Joel de la Fuente

Joel de la Fuente (5ft 11")

Alex Zahara

Alex Zahara (5ft 11")

Rupert Evans

Rupert Evans (5ft 10")

Laura Mennell

Laura Mennell (5ft 8")

Camille Sullivan

Camille Sullivan (5ft 6")

Alexa Davalos

Alexa Davalos (5ft 6")

Tzi Ma

Tzi Ma (5ft 4")