What Are The Heights of The Shameless (us) Cast?

Shameless (us) Cast Heights: Sorted by Tallest to Smallest

Justin Chatwin

Justin Chatwin (5ft 11")

Perry Mattfeld

Perry Mattfeld (5ft 10")

Kate Miner

Kate Miner (5ft 9")

Joan Cusack

Joan Cusack (5ft 8")

Noel Fisher

Noel Fisher (5ft 7")

Emmy Rossum

Emmy Rossum (5ft 6")

Emma Greenwell

Emma Greenwell (5ft 5")

Ethan Cutkosky

Ethan Cutkosky (5ft 5")

Emma Kenney

Emma Kenney (5ft 4")

Chloe Webb

Chloe Webb (5ft 3")

Laura Wiggins

Laura Wiggins (5ft 2")

Shanola Hampton

Shanola Hampton (5ft 1")