What Are The Heights of The Outlander Cast?

Outlander Cast Heights: Sorted by Tallest to Smallest

Duncan Lacroix

Duncan Lacroix (6ft 2")

Sam Heughan

Sam Heughan (6ft 2")

James Fleet

James Fleet (6ft 1")

Stanley Weber

Stanley Weber (6ft ½")

Richard Rankin

Richard Rankin (5ft 11")

Andrew Gower

Andrew Gower (5ft 10")

Finn Den Hertog

Finn Den Hertog (5ft 10")

Steven Cree

Steven Cree (5ft 9")

Stephen Walters

Stephen Walters (5ft 8")

Bill Paterson

Bill Paterson (5ft 7")

Sophie Skelton

Sophie Skelton (5ft 6")

Simon Callow

Simon Callow (5ft 6")

Gary Lewis

Gary Lewis (5ft 5")

Dominique Pinon

Dominique Pinon (5ft 5")

Rosie Day

Rosie Day (5ft 2")