What Are The Heights of The Continuum Cast?

Continuum Cast Heights: Sorted by Tallest to Smallest

Victor Webster

Victor Webster (6ft 4")

Tahmoh Penikett

Tahmoh Penikett (6ft 3")

Nicholas Lea

Nicholas Lea (6ft ½")

Mike Dopud

Mike Dopud (6ft 0")

Stephen Lobo

Stephen Lobo (5ft 10")

Tony Amendola

Tony Amendola (5ft 10")

Rachel Nichols

Rachel Nichols (5ft 9")

Richard Harmon

Richard Harmon (5ft 9")

Terry Chen

Terry Chen (5ft 8")

Janet Kidder

Janet Kidder (5ft 8")

Brian Markinson

Brian Markinson (5ft 6")

Jennifer Spence

Jennifer Spence (5ft 6")

Ian Tracey

Ian Tracey (5ft 5")

Luvia Petersen

Luvia Petersen (5ft 5")

Magda Apanowicz

Magda Apanowicz (5ft 3")