What Are The Heights of The Casualty Cast?

Casualty Cast Heights: Sorted by Tallest to Smallest

Richard Dillane

Richard Dillane (6ft 0")

Nigel Le Vaillant

Nigel Le Vaillant (5ft 11")

Rebecca Wheatley

Rebecca Wheatley (5ft 11")

Jason Merrells

Jason Merrells (5ft 10")

Peter O'Brien

Peter O'Brien (5ft 10")

Kelly Harrison

Kelly Harrison (5ft 9")

Maureen Beattie

Maureen Beattie (5ft 8")

Derek Thompson

Derek Thompson (5ft 8")

Genesis Lynea

Genesis Lynea (5ft 8")

Paterson Joseph

Paterson Joseph (5ft 7")

Martina Laird

Martina Laird (5ft 7")

Jaye Griffiths

Jaye Griffiths (5ft 7")

Crystal Yu

Crystal Yu (5ft 6")

Sarah Manners

Sarah Manners (5ft 6")

Cathy Shipton

Cathy Shipton (5ft 6")

Charlotte Salt

Charlotte Salt (5ft 5")

Brenda Fricker

Brenda Fricker (5ft 5")

Neet Mohan

Neet Mohan (5ft 5")

Jane Gurnett

Jane Gurnett (5ft 4")

Adjoa Andoh

Adjoa Andoh (5ft 4")

Claire Goose

Claire Goose (5ft 4")

Gillian Kearney

Gillian Kearney (5ft 4")

Sunetra Sarker

Sunetra Sarker (5ft 4")

Emily Carey

Emily Carey (5ft 3")

Leanne Wilson

Leanne Wilson (5ft 2")

Jan Anderson

Jan Anderson (5ft 0")