What Are The Heights of The Battlestar Galactica Cast?

Battlestar Galactica Cast Heights: Sorted by Tallest to Smallest

Paul Campbell

Paul Campbell (6ft 3")

Richard Hatch

Richard Hatch (5ft 11")

Aaron Douglas

Aaron Douglas (5ft 10")

Grace Park

Grace Park (5ft 9")

Jamie Bamber

Jamie Bamber (5ft 9")

Jen Halley

Jen Halley (5ft 8")

Mark Sheppard

Mark Sheppard (5ft 8")

Kate Vernon

Kate Vernon (5ft 7")

Dean Stockwell

Dean Stockwell (5ft 7")

James Callis

James Callis (5ft 7")

Mary McDonnell

Mary McDonnell (5ft 6")

Nicki Clyne

Nicki Clyne (5ft 5")

Leah Cairns

Leah Cairns (5ft 4")

Luciana Carro

Luciana Carro (5ft 2")

Rekha Sharma

Rekha Sharma (5ft 2")

Kandyse McClure

Kandyse McClure (5ft ½")