What Are The Heights of The American Horror Story Cast?

American Horror Story Cast Heights: Sorted by Tallest to Smallest

James Cromwell

James Cromwell (6ft 5")

Dylan McDermott

Dylan McDermott (5ft 11")

Mat Fraser

Mat Fraser (5ft 11")

Wes Bentley

Wes Bentley (5ft 10")

Cuba Gooding Jr

Cuba Gooding Jr (5ft 10")

Kyle Allen

Kyle Allen (5ft 9")

Evan Peters

Evan Peters (5ft 9")

Finn Wittrock

Finn Wittrock (5ft 8")

Lily Rabe

Lily Rabe (5ft 8")

Jessica Lange

Jessica Lange (5ft 6")

Frances Conroy

Frances Conroy (5ft 6")

Clea DuVall

Clea DuVall (5ft 5")

Mare Winningham

Mare Winningham (5ft 5")

Leslie Grossman

Leslie Grossman (5ft 5")

Taissa Farmiga

Taissa Farmiga (5ft 4")

Joan Collins

Joan Collins (5ft 4")

Gabourey Sidibe

Gabourey Sidibe (5ft 4")

Angela Bassett

Angela Bassett (5ft 3")

Kate Mara

Kate Mara (5ft 2")

Naomi Grossman

Naomi Grossman (5ft 0")