What is Harrison Ford's Height?

Harrison Ford is 5ft 10 ¾" tall

Harrison Ford Height

Harrison Ford is a 80-year-old actor from Chicago, Illinois, U.S.. We trawled the web to determine that Harrison Ford's height is 5ft 10 ¾ (179.7 cm), but due to his age may this may cause shrinking over the coming years. Currently this makes him 1.6 inches taller than the average male in the United States.

How tall is Harrison Ford in ft, meters, cm, mm & inches? 👇

Height Metric Harrison Ford Height
Feet 5ft 10 ¾"
Meters 1.80m
CM (Centimeters) 179.7cm
MM (Millimeters) 1797mm
Inches 70.75"

How tall is Harrison Ford compared to other Star Wars cast members?

Item Percent
Adam Driver 6ft 2
Hayden Christensen 6ft &frac1
Oscar Isaac 5ft 7
Keira Knightley 5ft 6
Daisy Ridley 5ft 6
Carrie Fisher 5ft 1
Mark Hamill 5ft 7
David Prowse 6ft 6

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